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One should not under-estimate the impact of news on people's perception. Naturally, you want to know what the media has to say about your brand or organisation. That's where Monalyse comes in. We can keep you up to date about the latest events and relevant news items about your brand or organisation. The amount of updates, and when, is completely up to you.

Relevant news updates specific to your information needs

Monalyse can help you with morning briefings, news summaries, relevance checks and overviews. Our media analysts have been trained to evaluate news items based on their importance to your organisation. So you will only receive news that you and your colleagues need to see.

  • Only the most relevant news items
  • Daily summary of the news
  • Greater clarity and fewer impromptu messages
  • Format based on corporate identity
Media Summary

Real time monitoring of all media

Monalyse is your and your colleagues’ daily news provider. We monitor all media, journalists and influencers and collect all relevant news and social media buzz on a daily basis. As a result, you will know exactly where and how your brand or organisation is being mentioned. Monalyse can also offer an insight into the latest trends and events in your sector, and show you what your competitors are up to in the media.

  • Complete overview of media coverage about your organisation, competitors and branch-specific themes
  • Insight into the main (social) influencers, journalists and media outlets; who writes what about your organisation?

Continuous news updates during crises and issues

Clear communication with employees and the outside world is essential during a crisis. However, in order to know what to communicate, you need to know what information is already circulating in the news and on social media. Monalyse is now able to closely monitor reporting during crisis situations. We can inform you about what the (social) media are saying about your organisation, even if there are major time constraints. And we can share these results with the crisis team in real time. This will help to avoid surprises and allow you to anticipate all situations.

  • Real time monitoring during crisis situations
  • Immediately informed about the main news items, like statements in the press by stakeholders
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