Insights into the key influencers for your company or organisation.

Vloggers, bloggers and journalists regularly publish things about your organization. Naturally, you would like to know what is being said - particularly by critical bloggers. This is possible thanks to Monalyse Engage. Monalyse Engage collects new information about influencers each and every day. We then arrange this information based on topics, regions and your own labels. You can also easily and quickly search the articles we collect. Thanks to the integration of the press and influencers platform into Monalyse, you are not only able to measure the effect of your PR efforts, but you can also manage your media relations a lot easier. Engage is beneficial because you no longer have to switch between various systems or work with Excel lists. Everything is available in a comprehensive online dashboard.

Up-to-date knowledge from influencers

Engage gives you the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with your target audience. You can easily bring your message to the attention of the journalist, media, editorial team, blogger and/or vlogger of your choice. Do you already know who the main influencers for your target audience are and who have you already contacted? Use Engage to easily and quickly find out. Our database is always up-to-date with the latest publications.

  • Manage media relations using a single overview, featuring contact history, published articles and address details
  • Search and select influencers based on the theme
  • It’s also possible to add own contacts
Media landscape

Optimisation of your PR and communication activities

Engage is the perfect tool for effective press management because all statistics can be accessed immediately. For instance, you can see which media have published your press release and how many times the story has been picked up since being released. Engage tells you exactly who is talking about your brand and who the main influencers are in discussions about current themes.

  • Possible to measure PR efforts from press release to publication
  • Intelligence about media and influencers based on past publications
  • Insight into which influencers pick up your press release in the media

Include your corporate identity in your mailings

The user-friendly system allows you to easily reach relevant influencers and engage in a dialogue with journalists, media, editorial teams, bloggers and vloggers. Use the distribution module to send mailings using your corporate identity, accompanied by your own lists featuring contacts relevant for you and your organisation. If desired, Monalyse can create specific press lists for topics where you lack a bit of experience so you can ensure your press release will reach the right influencers.

  • Efficiently compile and manage lists
  • Send press releases using your corporate identity and check click-through rate 
“Monalyse Engage allows us to manage our press relations in a more professional way, without requiring a lot of extra effort.”
Maartje Smallenbroek, Marketing & Communicatie Manager, JLL.
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