Naturalis Biodiversity Center

With a click of the mouse.

The request
Naturalis wanted a solid foundation for measuring the results of its communication activities and to be able to respond accordingly. Initially, the company used various systems to monitor and measure news items in print, online and social media. It took Naturalis a lot of time to collect and report on all of this information. That's why the company was looking for an automatic system featuring all media sources and made it possible to measure overall reach and the total advertising value. The communication department could then use these statistics to account for its communication activities.

Our approach
Monalyse incorporated all Naturalis-related news items found in newspapers and on websites, radio, television and social media, in a single dashboard. Statistics on reach  and advertising values: the communication department at Naturalis was able to access everything with a click of the mouse.

The result
The user-friendliness of Monalyse helped the company to realise the wanted cost savings.

“When trying to evaluate your activities, you need a system that measures the effect of your efforts and allows you to respond accordingly.”
Corine van Impelen, Head of Communications, Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Discover more about Monitor
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