Reporting to the head office.

The request
Acer Benelux reports to its European head office each month in relation to news items about Acer and its products in the Dutch and Belgian media. The European office wants to compare such news items at an international level. For example, for EMEA, Acer wants like to know how much media attention is given to product categories and specific products and how these news items are spread across specific themes.

It takes the regional head office a lot of time to label all news items and create a monthly overview. That's why they asked Monalyse for assistance.

Our approach
Monalyse started a manual analysis based on categories the European head office wanted to see in the overview. Our media analysts read every news item in which Acer was mentioned and determined if the identified themes were addressed. This allowed them to determine which products were mentioned and which news items were most appealing to Acer: so-called premium coverage. In addition, they checked whether the medium was specific to a particular target group and whether one of Acer's products was reviewed or given an award.

At the end of each month, Monalyse created a comprehensive overview for Acer, that mentioned how many news items appeared in each category, and how many premium coverage items or news items about awards were encountered. We also translated a few quotes from Dutch into English, so the European head office understood the content of the media items.

The result
A monthly overview of media reporting, that could be compared internationally and complies with the requirements of Acer's European head office. This overview allowed the Benelux office to meet its reporting obligations. Acer Netherlands & Belgium were able to save a lot of time since they started using Monalyse for its monitoring activities. 

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