Key media: the key to your target group

Key media the new focus.

Measurement is the key to knowledge; but how do you measure correctly? It is common knowledge that the best way to convey your message is to use the favourite channels of your target group ā€“ their key media. Nonetheless, when I talk to communication professionals, I notice that many of them don't specifically measure these key media. Advertising values get the hearts of most directors racing - if they are high, everything is fine.

However, if media monitoring focuses on key media, a more balanced picture is provided than when advertising values alone are used. For example, consider a local event somewhere in the province of Drenthe. How do you get people to attend? A few adverts in free weekly papers and regional newspapers will result in relatively low advertising value; this will not be a successful approach for people who only look at figures. But the adverts actually reach the right target group ā€“ which is perfect for generating turnout; the actual objective. This would be seen as a success by people who only measure key media.

From tech to lifestyle
On the other hand, advertising values can also be very misleading. Consider, for example, a tech brand that wants to promote itself as a lifestyle brand. It places hundreds of adverts in tech magazines, on tech websites and even in technology supplements in national newspapers. All in all, the advertising value would be huge. This would be seen as a success. However, people who only measure key media would conclude otherwise: lifestyle magazines and fashion blogs were completely ignored. And this is something you cannot afford to do as a lifestyle brand.

Although Monalyse also measures advertising values, we always emphasise that key media is the gateway to your target group. We use clear graphics to show the reach of your advertising activities. Our media analysts compile clear reports where the results are linked directly to the objectives of your campaign. Easy to read and transparent.

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