Valuable input for your communication strategy.

Insight; this is what our analyses offer. Insight into the campaign you worked so hard on. Insight into sentiments about incidents you are concerned about. Insight into media attention during your biggest campaign of the year. Were you successful in getting your brand featured in lifestyle media this month? It seems your press was mainly by trade journals. Is this what you intended or will you do things differently next time?

We can assist you with all your communication activities and objectives. We will quickly set up appropriate analyses, which allow us to clearly present media reporting activities so you can easily and quickly extract the information you require. You can choose between automatic and manual analyses. Automatic analyses involve news items being automatically sorted into categories. When it comes to manual analyses, our media analysts read and assess all your items using pre-agreed criteria, such as sentiment, branding and specific core messages. We can also determine media authority, leadership and presence of competitors in news items, as well as the subject of messages and whether they have appeared in response to your press release. The choice is all yours.

We can also assist you with periodic reports about the coverage given to your brand. We use fact sheets, reports or Excel overviews to present analyses in a manner that makes them perfectly compatible with your internal reporting.

Collect strategic insights for and about your campaign

A lot of hard work was involved when preparing your campaign. And you want to not only see the results afterwards, but also while they are unfolding. So, how can you get this overview? The answer: with Monalyse. Our analyses can be used to modify your communication and evaluate the results while your campaign is ongoing. We will present the results of your campaign in comprehensive reports once the campaign comes to an end. You will know which objectives have been met and you will have the knowledge needed to prepare for follow-up campaigns.

  • Collect strategic insights before your campaigns 
  • Use the latest developments to modify campaigns
  • See if campaign objectives have been realised

Follow developments and trends that influence your whole organisation

Social trends and current themes almost always influence what is said and written about your organisation in the media. For instance, the growing attention given to leading a healthy lifestyle. How is your organisation associated with this? Monalyse allows you to monitor important trends in your sector and to keep your organisation up to date about them. This gives you the opportunity to exploit trends that can contribute to your brand and reputation. Being aware of people's sentiments already goes a long way.

  • Use analyses to determine how you can position yourself as thought leader
  • Gain an insight into sentiments and opinions about current trends

Benchmark: compare yourself with your competitors

It is important to have your own distinctive appearance: this will allow you to build and enhance the image of your organisation. You already know which media are talking and writing about your organisation, but what is their tone? And is your key message being received? Our dedicated team of media analysts will analyse news items about your organisations: in terms of quantity as well as sentiment. They can also tell you how this sentiment influences your market reputation. Naturally, your competitors are not sitting on their laurels, so you need to know how (often) they appear in the news and what your share-of-voice is. This is all possible with Monalyse. Our clear and comprehensive reports provide detailed insights into your brand’s reputation in relation to your stakeholders.

  • Manual media analyses offer insights into sentiment.
  • Reports for internal accountability and sharing of results
“The annual report was well received. We distributed it internally and were able to obtain and provide a good insight into what went on at corporate level in 2016.”
Karlijn Frequin – Poppelaars, Corporate Communication & Social Media Advisor, PepsiCo.
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